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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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motive of the killing of 81-year-old marie buck at her corner store on christmas eve. only buck was not the intended target but a relative who was not in the store and was shot a dozen times. >> it's down right evil, at some point in time you knew who you were firing at. you knew who was in the store and it's pure evil to do something like that. >> the suspect was captured on surveillance cameras before and after the killing, a steady stream of friends and family arrived at buck's home just two doors down from the crime scene. >> a tragedy for no reason. she was such a good person. >> investigators picked up the suspect at his home on the 5400 block of berks and detectives did not find the murder weapon and has more than a dozen arrests for drugs and other
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crimes of the decade. bucks was a south philadelphia staple for decades, her store where people could stop by and say hello. and donna arrived from texas to aten the funeral. >> there were times my mother could tell me, marie needs help go help in the store and you were stuck there all day. >> she will never be forgotten, never. >> services are set to begin for buck this evening, there is a viewing tonight and this afternoon followed by the funeral. live at police headquarters, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. in the meantime, "action news" has now obtained new surveillance video allegedly showing a murder suspect less than one hour after her alleged crime. neighbors gave us this clip showing 27-year-old martina westcott walking home after she killed her ex-boyfriend.
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she is charged with shooting 33-year-old terrell bruce to death on tuesday. he was shot while driving on walnut lane in mt. airy, wes cot confessed to pulling the trigger. and the award for the arrest of a murderer has tripled. they are offering $2500 for information to track down jeremiah monell. his pickup truck was found in cedarville the next day but detectives have not yet found him. turning now to the gloomy weather, a little bit of early morning snow gave way to rain and that is moving out now and bringing in bitterly cold winter winds to end the week. adam joseph has the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: damp raw afternoon. this morning they picked up quite a bit of snow in the
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poconos, tobyhanna 5 inches of snow lake harmony 3.5 inches, north hamilton county 1.3, allentown a .50 inch of snow this morning. a lot of that across the lehigh valley has felted away and the storm is winding up and heading into new england and scattered showers to the west and they will fall apart and this low will start to crank up. and the good thing here is, the clouds begin to fall apart and the stars reappear and the winds turn breezy and notice a slow drop in temperature from the upper 30s to the mid-30s around 36 degrees by 11:00 tonight. then the storm comes a powerhouse in northern new england tonight in friday and wrapping strong winds around it. through the latter part of tonight into tomorrow. winds gust 40 to 45 miles per hour. quite a change at the end of the
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week and bitter cold with windchills even tomorrow afternoon only in the 20s. we'll chat about the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 with that holiday weekend coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> all right thank you. >> when rain or snow moves through rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan to see what is in for for our area, it's available all the time at and stay connected with our team of meteorologists, follow each of them on twitter and facebook for updates. now, to a developing story, president barack obama announced strong retaliation against russia today for hacks that were aimed directly at our presidential election. the retaliation includes slapping sanctions on russia and expelling 65 russian diplomats. all americans should be alarm by russia's actions that russia
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tried to interfere by hacking in political sites and accounts. and of targeting universities and think tanks leading to the theft of information. russian officials have denied the accusations that some say were meant to help donald trump win and to embarrass hillary clinton. along with that list of sanctions, the u.s. state department is giving the 35 russian diplomats, all intelligence operatives working at an embassy in washington or in san francisco, 72 hours to leave the country. now, add to that two russian compounds will be closed in maryland and new york, and russians will no longer have access to the two compounds that are owned by russia. the big question today how will russia respond? well, in the past russia's foreign ministry warned of a response happening yesterday specifically mentioning actions
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by washington will ricochet on diplomats in russia and in the past they responded to similar sanctions by cutting off adoptions and vetting food imports from europe. and information is coming out and we'll continue to follow this for you. >> no doubt morrow per suggestions to come. an elected leader from the main lines stands accused of an indecent assault of a 103-year-old woman. that william sprinkler had contact with her. sara bloomquists more on the case. the victim is 103 suffers from
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dementia and other medical issues. a surveillance shows him touching the victim on three separate incidents this month. spingler is a well known public service on the main line. first elect to the radnor board of public commissioners in 1969 and retired as the president in 2016. police were called to the nursing home on west avenue in wayne after an employee says she witnessed spingler touching the victim on her chest. and then the next day it happened again. and the employee saw the victim with a blanket to her shoulders and putting his hand under the blanket to massage her. and both times spingler immediately left the facility when he noticed employees
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watching him and then a registered nurse says he noticed spingler grabbing her chest while the victim looks uncomfortable and tried to pull away. the victim is 103 years old with dementia. authorities say she could not have defended herself against unwanted physical contact and is dependant on nursing home staff and spingler was arrested and charged with three counts of indecent assault on a person with amenal disability. >> genesis health care that operates the wayne center nursing home says that the safety and well being of our patients are our priority here at wayne center. and the center reports issues of concern to police and regulatory agencies. spingler was arraigned on december 23rd and posted his $10,000 bail and was ordered not
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to have contact with the victim and his preliminary hearing is set for january 5th and calls to his home were not answered. live in radnor township, channel 6 "action news." >> sara thank you. a school principal from dover is charged with embezzling money intended for his students. a grand jury indicted noel rodriguez, dating back to 2011, that he took money from a program while he was president at the dover charter school and allegedly took $5,000 meant to help the kids at that school. he faces up to 10 years in prison and three years probation. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday afternoon. matt pellman is standing by with a first look this afternoon. >> hey monica and brian trying to get home on a damp thursday afternoon and taking a close up look at washington township, new jersey, this is 42 northbound with a truck overturned by the
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a.c. expressway. the camera is not the best, 42 northbound is shut down at this point. between the ac expressway and the black horse pike. 168 jams headed to the closure point locally on 42 northbound on washington township by the dump and the bus terminal. you will want to take alternates to northbound 42 by the expressway. they could include route 30 the white horse pike and 47 delsy drive and up 55. northbound 42 blocked in washington township this afternoon because of that overturned truck. we had a crash on the big picture lincoln drive southbound between wayne and wissahickon that has cleared out of the way and one in feltonville at kims market at 5th and wyoming avenue and slow patches on the schuylkill expressway just 14 miles per hour on the westbound side by south street. buck county a southbound
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accident near here at route 1 the super highway. that is cleared out of the way. lets go to the commuter report on this thursday afternoon. west goshen, watch for a crash on 202 southbound side causing a jam there as well. we'll check it again brian and monica in the next half hour. >> thank you. next on "action news" celebrating debbie reynolds, we uncover the hollywood legends ties to atlantic city. and amazon's plans to use drones now that company wants to take to the sky with an airborne warehouse. we have details about their high flying idea next.
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the family of a new jersey woman and her great
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granddaughter took to twitter to say thank you and their prayers were answered. they have been found. and what happened to them is still up in the air. the girl is said to be okay but her great grandmother is still in the hospital. >> they were outside of the vehicle probably 50 miles from the vehicle at a tree. >> 70-year-old barbara and her granddaughter lameyer was found in virginia, they were missing since christmas eve. the property owner call the 911. and investigators think that the toyota 911 got stuck and the 71-year-old's cell phone ran out of battery and barbara was unconscious and transported to the hospital in serious condition. the 5-year-old is now with family. >> there was apple juice boxes and apples and other items that
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they were eating and drinking several things. >> they left on christmas eve heading to see family in south carolina. this is brilly at that rest stop. >> i hit the star button for her and said follow the arrow it will tell you where to go. >> i was at work christmas eve and i got the phone call from my mom talking about we can't find your grandma or the baby. >> "action news" was in mays landing with lameyer's worried father and he said that his grandmother made the ride before. and she used to work for new jersey transit. at last check barbara brilly is in critical condition. the family has not released a statement. >> and barbara's church in
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atlantic city second behalf church is having a prayer vigil tomorrow happening at 6:00. >> all right alicia thank you. the sudden death of actress, debbie reynolds was possibly caused by a stroke. she was rushed from her son's house in l.a. she was helping with funeral arrangements for her famous daughter, carrie fisher, who died one day before. she performed 20 shows in atlantic city including this one at the hilton casino in 1999. >> time to look at the closing numbers on wall street. all the indexes are down, the dow down 14 and s&p 500 dropping almost 1 point. amazon may be turning to the skies for its next major project, the company got pat
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enapproval for a flying warehouse. paperwork describes amazon blimps over the cities and launching drones carrying the orders, they would fall to earth before the motors kick in and a nearby shuttle would collect the drones and three them back to the blimp. >> ambitious. this breaking news from philadelphia police headquarters a news conference under way in connection with the murder of marie buck. >> a 31-year-old male. last night at 10:30, police arrested the suspect outside of 54th and berks without incident. he has been formerly charged with the murder of marie buck. and i'll open it up to questions you may have -- >> so the deceased had a grandson who the suspect believes had something to do with stealing his expensive
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chain, as a result of that he demanded money back from him and never gave it back to him and showed up at the store because he thought the grandson would be there working and the grandson was not and very sadly he shot and killed the grandmother. >> what do you have tying -- to the crime scene? >> i'm not going present our whole case out to you. there is video tape of him parking the vehicle and walking down towards the store and minutes before the murder and right after the murder, fleeing the scene and getting back into the vehicle and leaving and help from the public and anonymous tips that came in, we have a lot of different things tying him to the scene. >> was there interaction with the victim and suspect? >> he never fully even was one step inside of the store and he fire multiple times striking her 11 times in the chest. >> do you think -- did he
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realize it was her? >> he opened the door and shot her 11 times, the grandson was suppose to be work that morning, we think he went with the intense of killing the grandson and saw the grandmother and made the choice to kill the grandmother. >> maurice green. he is a 31-year-old male. he has a lot of priors. i would also like -- >> are you listening to an update on the arrest of maurice green charged in the murder of store owner, marie buck shot 11 times and the theory is it's a
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revenge motivation. didn't see the grandson and shot the grandmother instead. >> we continue to stream the news conference at and of course continuing coverage here on channel 6 "action news" throughout the evening. in the men time we turn our attention to the accuweather forecast. >> we are about to have a big change. lets go to adam joseph. >> anything is better than the rain we had today. and the very chilly temperatures, looking live at sky 6 hd at spring mountain and skiers and snowboarders out there and enjoying the afternoon. and this gentlemen here enjoying the fire sitting there fire side watching the borders and skiers come down the slope. as we look at temperatures, 40 inal ebb town and reading and areas to the north that saw showers earlier that quickly melted and turned to rain. same for wilmington and millville and we all picked up a .25 inch of rain earlier today. that store in new england becoming a powerhouse of a
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blizzard for central and northern new england and that wraps in strong winds our way going into the day on friday. so it does turn partly cloudy tonight and turning windy, 20 to 30 miles per hour gusting at times to near 40 at neat. low temperatures 30 to 34 and throw the numbers away because it's the windchill you feel tonight throughout your friday. upper 30s lehigh valley and near 40 trenton reading and lower 40s philadelphia down to the south and could be a couple of floating flurries and snow squall up to the lehigh valley with the strong winds gusting over 40 miles per hour and in fact future tracker windchills 7:00 tomorrow morning and 34 if philadelphia and teens in allentown and tomorrow afternoon not breaking out of the 20s whatsoever. the four day at 4:00 shows the windchills the star of the show here tomorrow. with a few flurries around and 42 degrees, as we get into saturday, sun and clouds, temperature coming in at 42 as
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we round out 2016. it is on the dry side. and as we get into 2017, a pretty mild start. partly sunny and 50 degrees for the mummers as well as the eagles in town. and then on monday occasional rain around here. turning mild once again keeping temperatures around the 50 degree mark as we round out this year going into next year, the temperatures staying well above normal and more rain on the way and we are not looking at any big cool down into the new year with wintry weather outside of tomorrow. with the windchills staying in the 20s. adam thank you. >> speaking of the new year with a few days left to go, philadelphia's law enforcement community is reminding people to celebrate safely, seth williams and commissioner richard ross urged people not to celebrate with gun fire. shots in the air eventually fall to the ground and hurt people, this is what happened to this man, joe was at today's event to
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remind people of the the real danger of firing guns. he was hit by a stray bullet on december 31st 1998 when he was just 11 years old. >> to avoid drinking and driving on new years you can catch a free ride with patco, there will be free train rides in and out of philadelphia, all the way through 4:00 a.m. on sunday. between 6,000 and 7,000 passengers are expected to take advantage of that promotion and expected to cost patco about $20,000. if you spend new years eve at home watch the celebrations from around the world here on 6 abc. see the times square ball drop live and watch dick clark's new years rockin eve saturday night starting at 8:00 p.m. a shooting near temple's campus in north philadelphia is under investigation, a woman told police that two men approached her at north pence and norris streets.
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one shot her in the leg. they rushed her to the hospital and she is in stable condition. an early morning fire ripped through the hookah bar in philadelphia. the action cam on the 3600 block of lancaster avenue as firefighters put out hot spots and damaged apartments above the hookah bar and restaurant. the cause is under investigation. a day's long prayer vigil is underway in camden. parish of the cathedral is hosting the events. organizers say there is one hour to honor each victim who lost their life during senseless violence. they are praying for peace in the community and country in the new year, if you would like to participate it goes until saturday at 5:00 p.m. women that have fallen on hard times get a boost of confidence thanks to donations collected across the area, the
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action cam was in brooklawn as purses full of hope are packed for delivery, filled with shampoos and tooth brushes and lipstick and an inspirational note inside of each one, sally young started the project each year and has grown to include friends and her daughter who goes to temple, the purses were delivered to shelters in camden, center city philadelphia and darby, delaware county. an archbishop student that died over the summer is remembered through the game he loved. dozens of people are playing in the all day basketball tournament in memory of dominic coil. the large turnout at the saint monica gym is a testament to how much dominic was loved there. it's to raise money for a scholarship for other students. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, hard to think about baseball season now but it will be here before you know it and
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one local college team is actually getting ready. and some of the biggest blockbuster movies inspired the creation of these massive robots operated by humans.
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first here at 4:30 life in pennsylvania gets more expensive in the new year. 2017 brings an increase in the gas tax and hike if tolls on the turnpike. they are all adding up john rawlins live along the pennsylvania turnpike to break it down four us. >> reporter: as far as impact anybody that buys gas or drives the turnpike is impacted and another that doesn't cost money, it's how pennsylvanians do with their license plates. first non-economic change coming
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the end of those odd little pennsylvania license plate stickers, with computer data bases they are obsolete they will save penndot 36 million there's a year. and now there is an option for two year registration as twice the cost. now the money side. come january the pennsylvania gas tax goes up. >> and 8 cent increase to wholesal wholesalers. >> it was 31.2 questionses a gallon and it went up a dime and no change in 2016 but in 2017 it's due for the increase of 8 cents. >> oh joy. need to carpool more often i guess. >> the upside the tax goes to transportation improvements. >> so this gas tax increase is part of that act.
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the funding mechanism to improve and get to our roads and bridges that desperately need attention, vine street bridges were able to move forward and faster. >> and construction and transportation dollars from the gas tax and soon turnpike urss as well. a 6% hike in pennsylvania tolls on the way. >> come on harrisburg give us a break. >> how will the hike play out now to take it from valley forge, $9.85 cash and the cash jumps to $10.45 and easy pass $7.32. with this coming hike the 75-year-old turnpike will have raised its nine times in the last nine years, it says a lot of the money, a big chunk of that money goes beyond the turnpike, they go to the penndot
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programs as well as public transit. live in upper merion township, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> to the forecast we are looking live at blue skies at least partially at the beach at the boardwalk in atlantic city. the skies cleared out after a day of rain and clouds. and hopefully it will continue. >> some of us are seeing it after a pretty miserable morning, as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan the storm is winding up into new england heavy rain for boston and southern new england and blinding snow for northern new england as the storm turns into a blizzard for them but we are beginning to dry out and campbecame camelback a little blue and people waiting to go up the ski lift. there is fresh snow in the poconos, between 3, 4, 5 inches or so. winds from the north-northwest
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at 14 miles per hour and look at this shot with the snow low on the horizon breaking through with low lying clouds and winds west at 6 miles per hour. and as we look to the accuweather forecast we'll talk about the wind whipped friday around here creating bitter windchills for the end of the week. however, a big shift coming in over the weekend to bring us a mild start to 2017. we'll talk about the cold winds tomorrow and the big warm-up in the seven day coming up in just a little bit. >> adam, thank you. any time rain or snow moves through rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan to see what is in store for you. it's available at and stay connected as you do with our team of meteorologists, following them on twitter and facebook. a 27-year-old man was robbed at gun point in fairmount, we have new video of his attacker, the suspect was seen walk ago way from the crime scene on
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brown street. this man pointed a gun at the victim and took his cell phone and wallet on december 18th, if you recognize the man philadelphia police would like to hear from you, fortunately nobody was hurt during the robbery. >> two homes burned in kensington and both are in the 2800 block of eighth street and they were vacant when flames broke out this morning and the damage was extensive and fort flightily no injuries. an suv rolled over this morning and landed up against a tree in delaware county this is the scene on colonial road in havertown, they are listed in stable condition. now to new york city today where more than 550 recently graduated police recruits join the law enforcement protecting times square this coming new years eve. with 2 million revellers expected for the big ball drop.
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they say they are prepared for everything and anything. >> we have one of the most well trained police and the most safest venues in the entire world with all the assets we deploy here. >> mayor bill deblasio said there is no specific threats and will place sand trucks around the roads to prevent a truck style attack like the one in berlin. check this out. come on back. times square hosted the annual confetti test today. to get ready to ring in 2017, 3,000 pounds of confetti is released when the clock strikes midnight. you'll see it some day somewhere maybe online, all the action on times square will be live at 6 abc. ryan seacrest helps you ring in
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the new year. rock dick clark's rockin eve starting at 8:00 p.m. newcastle's police chief is celebrated for a long successful career in law enforcement. the colonel will retire and his colleagues honored him during his final review at the police athletic league. he has been with the department for 28 years and was chief in 2012, he brought cutting edge technology to the force and his policies help to reduce crime including homicides and home break-ins. the official retirement is tuesday. and 13 sheriffs officers are applauded for their great service. the camden county sheriff's office gave out the duty award and the employee of the month award. sheriff wilson says these officer s went above and beyond the line of duty.
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congratulations. a big change is coming to new jersey law that effects everyone that gave up their child for adoption. it makes it easier for children to track down their biological parents, but if if you want to stay anonymous there are steps you must take before 2018 rolls around and the new girl of the year american girl and she has local ties, we'll introduce you to the girls around the country. coming up on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. of course it's not spring yet but local student athletes took a swing at the annual rite, they hosted a baseball clinic at the field house. open to any players set to graduate in 2020, and all of this on a day of wintry weather and certainly a welcome site we can all dream of spring. >> it will be here sunday. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, anger on the road.
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ends with a slap in the face and police are searching for the attacker. >> plus, a world war ii vet is given a gift 70 years late but a gesture that meant the world to him. and adam joseph has it's full accuweather forecast.
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a road rage incident led to an assault in an mcdonald's drive-thru, look at two people get out of vehicle an approach the car in front of them. here it comes -- a woman opened the drivers side door and slaps the woman in the car there and the pair gets back in the silver suv and back away. they think they were mad that the car in front of them cut them off. police are just releasing the video today. they are still looking for the suspects. a popular and expensive item on holiday wish lists but bold
4:41 pm
thieves got dozens of them free of charge. this shows a blue truck crashing through a drone warehouse in tennessee. minutes later that same truck leaves with boxes filled with the ganl gadget. they have an estimated value of $32,000. and biscuits and corn bread mixes sold at a delaware store are being recalled. they are concerned that the milk product in the mix could be contaminated with salmonella. they were shipped to food lion in all three delaware counties, no illnesses are reported thus far but if you got these items, you can return them for a full refund. learn about the recall at we start way story that tugs at the heart strings in buffalo new york, a high school class photo from 1944 was always missing one graduates picture
4:42 pm
until now. walter graduated more than 70 years ago he never walked with his classmates because he was drafted to fight in world war ii, the reunion happened with walter finally joining the class. >> his absence in this hall lasted 72 years and today we welcome him back in person and his presence in the class photo from 1944. >> walter happy to have his place in alumni history. >> and another heart warmer from minnesota, where three sisters have a special bond with garbage collectors, they wave out the windows and check them out with the bin okay collars and they say this is the moment that makes their day. the men found out that the little 3-year-old was diagnosed
4:43 pm
with cancer and had chemo on thursdays and the sisters are not be there to wave. they traded in their free garbage service and gave it to the family. >> started crying and that was only a few weeks out from the diagnosis. sometimes it's hard to be positive but little things like what home town did it helping us limp along. >> on christmas more gifts for the girls and their baby brother. a special relationship based on a couple of waves. finally, have you played this game called speak out. it's a ridiculous mouth piece game people try to say certain phrases while wearing a mouth piece that doesn't let them shut their mouth. now a grandpa is a viral sensation playing with the
4:44 pm
grandkids. >> ha, ha, ha -- >> yes, his teeth, amy taylor posted the hilarious moment, the mouth piece from the game and grandpa's teeth falling from the floor. his pappy gets too enthusiastic playing and he speaks out and his den yours fall out. >> this video has 35 million views and counting and if you watch this and don't laugh you may need to retool a bit. take a breather before the new year. >> i love how hard he is laughing after the teeth come out. >> is not embarrassed at all. >> love you pappy. >> lets get another check of the roads right now. >> matt pellman is here with the update. >> traffic bites that is for sure. over here in washington township gloucester county, speeds are falling because of this overturned truck that is out here for a couple of hours now
4:45 pm
and it's blocking 42 northbound between the a.c. expressway. and this is where you come on to the northbound freeway away from local 42 the black horse pike coming away from the dump on local 42 you cannot get on to the northbound freeway, the only way to access the northbound 42 freeway is from the a.c. expressway. these are the lanes on the left. this is causing a local jam as you come northbound just 11 miles per hour 10 miles per hour on the southbound side of the 4-freeway, that is the gaper delay. bottom line is avoid the freeway where it meets the expressway. the white horse pike, 47 and 55 all possible alternates and we'll keep you posted. across the river this is 95 approaching girard and a broken down truck here but it's gone. normal volume heading toward the
4:46 pm
work zone at cotman avenue. and now there is a new accident in chester delaware county along 291 near lloyds street and one at chichester at famfamily dollar and look for a crash at concord township east of 222 and naaman's creek road. we'll check it again monica and brian in the 5:00 hour. >> see you then thank you. >> up next here at 4:00 we get another check of the accuweather forecast. >> stepping outside sky 6 hd looking live at a beautiful start of the sunset at the commodore barry bridge. and meteorologist, has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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breaking news chopper 6 hd live over the scene where police
4:49 pm
have apprehended two alleged bank robber, it started at the bank, bbb location at lower bucks township. where police apprehended the two suspects. one suspect was armed and announced a holdup at the bank, we don't know how much money they got away with and police have made two arrests in the case. good news it appears that two suspects have been arrested and we don't know more details at the bb and c in lower bucks township. it was nice to see the sun this afternoon. >> we'll see more in the way of sun in the upcoming weekend, but we have to get through nasty winds before saturday and sunday. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a couple of sprinkles across the shore that exits and the clouds already beginning to break apart and many of you see the sun right before it set in the last hour
4:50 pm
or two. 40 degrees allentown and 45 philadelphia and millville and atlanta and wilmington the numbers are above normal but with the damp ground and rain definitely chilled you to the bone throughout the day today especially when it was raining earlier. we picked up a .25 inch of rain and that is turning into a blizzard for new england heavy snow for boston and cape cod and the clouds are breaking apart and that is the trend in the overnight hours tonight. the new moon is tonight and plenty of stars out there with just a few patchy clouds and turning windy as well. 32 philadelphia, and 34 philadelphia and millville and freezing at dover and just below that in lancaster. here is the windchill tracker for your friday. the air temperature does not matter tomorrow. if you have the app and are looking and saying it's 42 and nice tomorrow.
4:51 pm
the winds are near 40 to 45 miles per hour. and windchills stay in the 20s the entire day until 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. and a lot of clouds develop mid to late morning and the clouds win out tomorrow afternoon with cold air coming in with the large low in new england. there is also lake-effect snow showers pulling away from the northwest, if you are closer to the lehigh valley could see flurry or a snow shower tomorrow and winds near 45 miles per hour and another system approaching for new year eve but during the day a southerly wind around average and dry with sun and clouds and winds will ease compared to what we'll deal with here tomorrow. then for new years eve, if you head to penn's landing here late in the afternoon for a couple of rounds of fireworks, looking good, temperatures in the lower 40s and bundle up windchills stay in the 30s into new years eve and right around midnight 38 degrees as we ring in the new
4:52 pm
year a quick flurry or sprinkle around the midnight hour, for the mummers, bright skies and light wind new years day and temperatures in the 40s from start to finish. a mild start to 2017. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast seasonable the next few days and a lot of clouds tomorrow and again a flurry or snow shower north of philadelphia with the strong winds, sun and clouds dry on saturday and looking great on sunday for the eagles at 50 degrees and then very unsettled monday and tuesday and on and off rain both days, 50 on monday surging to the 60s on tuesday and near 60 on wednesday as the sun breaks back out and temperatures drop to more seasonable levels come thursday at 42 degrees. more rain and 50s and 60s in the beginning of the nur year. >> a little bit of everything. thank you. despite what this looks like it is not a scene out of the next transformers movie, get this a korean robotics company
4:53 pm
unveil aid robot that moves like a human being, moving its arms and fingers at the behest of the human sitting inside of it. this is the result of a two year project making technology that mimics people's movement. and the hope is to deploy them to disaster sites to help victimed.
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if you still have shopping left in new or spending power. by the way if holiday gift cards or cash coming your way, hang in there a few more days, you'll be happy to wait for the deals around the bend january 1st and we tell you this that deals are hot. christmas decorations and wrapping, if you think way ahead like 360 days until next
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christmas, our friends at deal news says save 90% on paper and they are basically giving the stuff away right now. clothing prices hit an all-time low somewhere between the post christmas sales and the rollout of the spring fashion lines, deal news says we'll see the deepest discounts yet starting this weekend and the deals are hot for exercise gear in time for some of those new years resolutions. >> they say that now is the best time to grab deals on electro c electronics and video games, and deal news has a list of items that are less expensive and that includes airline flights, low fuel prices coupled with competition brings prices down for overnight travel. and this nugget they put out today look for $69 flights going
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to europe from air. >> we are all looking at that. now for monica malpass, sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. stay here for now. join me along with sharrie, and adam joseph for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thursday neat and the big story on "action news" is breaking news within the last 45 minutes police announce the arrest of maurice green, they believe he is the man that killed a neighborhood grocer marie buck. >> he was not one step in the store and fired multiple times striking her 11 times in the chest. green was arevved in the --
5:00 pm
according -- >> reporter: that is right monica and brian, we'll show you the video in a moment. martina westcott charged with murder, she was arraigned last night and remains in custody without bail. >> took me by surprise. >> martina wes scott charged with murder and other offenses, police say she turned herself in and confessed to killing terrell bruce in an suv after


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